Sliq Media Technologies Delivers Cloud-Based Webcasting Solution to New Mexico Legislature

Comprehensive solution cost-efficiently streams live government meetings across fixed and mobile devices

MONTREAL — Legislative video software specialist Sliq Media Technologies is strengthening the New Mexico Legislature’s connection to citizens through a fully integrated, turnkey webcasting system built into the legislature’s website. With all content and playout centralized on its website, the New Mexico Legislature relies on Sliq’s Harmony Hub platform to stream live government meetings from two chambers and 11 committee rooms to desktop and mobile devices, with exceptional video quality akin to a broadcast television experience.

The cloud-based, mobile-friendly Sliq solution maximizes audience reach for the New Mexico Legislature by ensuring every constituent can view live meetings on their platform of their choice. Furthermore, Sliq’s cloud-hosted solution eliminates on-site management and bandwidth constraints, reducing costs and complexity while ensuring an exceptional user experience.

The Sliq webcasting solution for live government meetings is unique on the market given the depth and integration flexibility provided to customers. Notably, it is the only solution that can be hosted partially or fully in the cloud; or on premises in any combination desired.

“Through our multiplatform webcasting solution, the New Mexico Legislature will improve the quality of their webcasts and make them available on all leading consumer devices for the first time,” said Nic Côté, VP of Business Development, Sliq Media Technologies. “Through our cloud-based managed services, the New Mexico Legislature will also be able to reach more simultaneous viewers without affecting internal network bandwidth or hindering live video quality.”

The agreement includes video support at two venues and single-track audio support at three venues. Sliq Hawkeye tools will provide monitoring of all video and audio levels across the workflow, helping staff centrally monitor performance parameters for quality assurance—and quickly react to rare troubleshooting issues via diagnostics and alerting tools.

The technology architecture leverages a rich, centralized off-the-shelf content management system and multiformat encoders to ensure meetings are streamed with exceptional quality. The complete solution is built on Sliq Harmony, the company’s central, web-based digital content management system; and Sliq Razorback for multi-channel video/audio encoding. Razorback’s multi-channel encoding includes support for multiple video and audio formats, ensuring that citizens can access live streams from desktop and laptop computers, mobile phones and tablets, and virtually any playback device supporting mainstream streaming protocols.

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